The Fin-Tastic Arctic

The newest addition to the award-winning Fin-Tastic children’s book series!

Sara, Alix, and Lucy are going on a trip to visit their mermaid friends in the underwater city of Arctic Dune. They are looking forward to fun in the snow with their pals, but they find other adventures when they arrive. The girls meet arctic animals that need rescuing from the environmental problems they face in their icy waters. Can the mermaids save their new friends in time?

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The Fin-Tastic Cleanup

Make A Motion, Save the Ocean

Sara, Alix, and Lucy are happy mermaids living in their quaint coral village…until, one day, the three mermaids are forced to face the pollution riddling the sea that surrounds them. With the help of some friends, the mermaids jump into action!

The Fin-tastic Cleanup will transport young readers to an imaginary world while they explore a real world problem.

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Story Monsters Approved
Mom’s Choice Award Gold
Royal Dragonfly Book Award
A 2022 Story Monster Award winner
A Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Award Recipient
2021 Book of the Year Award Recipient,
Creative Child magazine

A Royal Dragonfly Book Awards Honorable Mention

The Fin-Tastic Rescue

Dive Into Action

In this second installment in the Fin-Tastic series, best mermaid friends Sara, Alix, and Lucy are having a wonderful time living underneath the sea…until one day, they discover some friends in need of protection and rescue! The trio must decide how to save their marine friends from the many dangers they encounter in the water. How will they do it?

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Purple Dragonfly Book Award AM Winner
Story Monsters Approved
Reader’s Favorite
A Purple Dragonfly Book Awards Honorable Mention
A 2023 Story Monster Award winner
Reader’s Favorite Five-Star Review Recipient
Named to Lux Lifestyle Magazine’s 2023 Hot List